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The Beautiful Culture of Australian Aborigines

Hello everyone!
The text about Australian Aborigines called my attention, for this reason I searched more information and I share it with you.
The indigenous culture of Australia is one of the oldest and most fascinating. The Aboriginal population is very diverse, with different lifestyles, languages and traditions. However, these diverse societies are united under a single link of harmony with the nature called "Dreamtime".
Resultado de imagen para aborigenes australianos dreamtimeThe Dreamtime is a sacred, mythological and supernatural period in which ancestral spirit beings have shaped the earth and everything in it.
They believe that everything in the natural world is a footprint left  from metaphysical beings whose actions in the past created our world. Therefore mountains, rocks, rivers, etc. are the memory of the origin of all things.
The past is still alive in their present lives and will remain so in the future. It is a complex network of knowledge that penetrates all the spiritual and physical aspects of the life of an indigenous Australian. Thus, they consider that full extent of the land is a part of their body, everything is in sync, and the energy flows with them.
On one hand, Aboriginal people believe that everyone has a part of his nature which is eternal. The people then live a life within time (since became body by being born from a mother) and die for back again to an eternal life; they never cease to exist. In other words, life in Dreamtime has no beginning or end. But for us, life is but a fleeting instance, a gap in eternity.
On the another hand, they have an intangible relationship between their  music, beliefs and the land. They preserve the heritage through a tradition of mythological Dreamtime stories, and music has always played a central role in their cultural identity.
The culture is in close harmony with their environment. In this fashion, music is an imitation of natural sounds. The typical instrument of this production is the didgeridoo.

Now, how do we react to this culture?

Resultado de imagen para aborigenes australianos

For us it may sound mystical or mysterious, because we think rationally, but to get a better understanding of Aboriginal culture, we must open our minds and imagine the world before the development of reasoning and questioning.

Here I leave you with a video of their music

4 comentarios:

  1. I must admit that it was difficult to understand the concept of Dreamtime, and of course it was because I thought about it in a rational way; I was translating. However, when I was reading your entry I could interpret how deep they are connected to their natural environment. They felt part of their habitat and not only while they were living in it, as you mentioned, they never cease to exist. Now I can understand the respect they feel for nature and some of their symbols.
    It would be interesting to analyze it now in our context as a consumer society, in which we have forgotten what implies consuming our natural resources.

    1. Personally, I really like their beliefs, I find it beautiful. I think that is a sensitivity to everything natural, this we have lost through time.
      We are not aware the fact that the earth is our home, and everything in it, exists to ensure our lives.

      But I think that not all the current scenario is so bad, we only need to look carefully at those that care nature, and we realize that everyone can contribute to this task.

  2. I really like the concept of no beginning and no ending. Many aboriginal cultures based their beliefs on nature and to be one with their environment. I now we have lost that, we are more concentrated on the physical things that on the spiritual. Is that a good thing?

    1. Past lives left their energy that are vibrating with the life of others. Death is seen as part of a life cycle in which one emerges from Dreamtime by birth, and finally returns to the timeless, only to emerge again.

      In this sense, the Dreamtime is the most intimate part of Australian culture. They daily guarantee the continuity of life and earth through rituals and ceremonies, as it was the will of the dreamtime.

      And I think that overall we have lost the sense to care with each other, to ensure the life of the simplest things, the beauty of nature.